Officer/Director Nominations and Voting on Rule Changes

Saturday 11/21

(after the show)

***You must be a member in good standing (membership & sponsorship paid) to vote at this meeting***


President ~ Janie Martin

VP ~ Marissa Hastings

Point Secretary ~ Brittany Stickle-Hufnagel

Treasurer ~ Linda Forsyth

Pee Wee Director ~ Kaitlin Walker

Master's Director ~ Amy Hesselgesser

Secretary ~ Tracy McGuire

Website ~ Amy Hammond


#Warm Up Class may not be used for pointed class

#Percentage Change

50% Open

15% Youth

5% Adult

5% Master

5% Jr Horse

5% Pee Wee

5% Poles

10% Banquet/Start Up

(Please see what the current percentages are)

#The class must be available to run if points are granted

(sidepots will not be accepted)

#Award saddles to the Open 4D champoins only

#Family Membership for parents & children under 18

#Voting members must be 16 & older

#Remove Jr Horse class

#Replace Jr Horse w/ Pee Wee Poles for year end awards

#Knocked barrels in Pee Wee is +5

#Show producer must state which class will be approved for Adult

#Saddle amount should be stated in the rulebook

#Revision date on rulebook

#Add Secretary position

The Penn Ohio Barrel Racing Association was established in 1990, to promote barrel racing as a family sport.

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