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       Penn Ohio follows standard AQHA show rules. One Horse, one rider, per class. The only exception is for the Pee Wee class where more than one child can ride the same pony. The children must be from the same family membership & live in the same household. This rule does not apply to the Youth, Adult, Masters or any other approved class.


BAD CHECKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: There will be an automatic $35.00 fee for each time a check is returned.

  • The party that wrote the bad check will be notified and must make the check good along with the $35.00 returned check fee as soon as possible.

  • The contestant/member/members bouncing the check will be placed on suspension and will not receive points for the show for which the check was written as well as any shows they may attend while they are on suspension.

  • If restitution is not made within 15 days of the date of the check, the member/members will lose ALL points and be placed on a public suspended list until payment is made.

  • Lost points will not be reinstated.

  • Any non-member who presents a returned check will be restricted from participating until the check and fine is made good.

  • Anyone who writes a bad check to our club will be on a cash only basis for the remainder of the show season. 

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