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Our Mission 

The Penn Ohio Barrel Racing Association was established in 1990 to provide an organization for the barrel racing industry to join together to promote barrel racing as a family sport. 


We cannot make a rule book that could possibly cover all the situations that may arise during a show, nor can they cover all administrative questions. When a case arrives that is not covered by a rule, it should be possible to reach a reasonable

decision by looking at the rule book. The Officers and Directors have the judgment, competence, and objectivity to make a sound judgment of the situation. 

Show Season 

The show season will run from January 1st – November 30th. We will take the month of December off. 

Membership Fee 

Individual membership fee - $ 35.00 

Family membership fee - $ 55.00 

Family membership (Parents & children under 18)

Membership must be turned in before you run your first class the day you want to receive points. 


**All members are required to get a mandatory sponsorship**

Individual sponsorship - $ 50.00 

Family sponsorship - $ 75.00 

Mandatory sponsors are due on or before May 1st of each year. If you are a member and you did not turn in your mandatory sponsorship money you will not receive your points. If you join after May 1, you have 60 days from the date of your membership to turn in your mandatory sponsorship money.  Mandatory sponsorship money will be used for year-end awards for the club as a whole. You can turn in additional sponsorship money, that money will be used for year-end awards for the entire club.  Sponsor money received goes directly to the treasurer and the sponsor director keeps a directory of sponsors each year.

Directors & Officers 

Officers and Directors are required to pay the mandatory sponsorship amount based on their membership, as well as get the required amount for their directors’ position if a class director. 

Officer positions include:

President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer

Please note financial records will be retained for 5 years and must be passed from year to year.  Audit will be conducted yearly by President, Vice-President, and secretary to ensure accuracy.  The Points Secretary will ensure that results are accurate and once points have been completed the results will be posted on Facebook Page and sent to website contact.



Platinum Level $650 Donation & above

(Includes 2 invites to year end banquet/apparel/banner/website)


Gold Level $500 Donation (Advertised on our apparel/banner/website) 


Silver Level $300 Donation (Advertised on our apparel/banner/website)


Bronze Level $150 Donation (Advertised on our banner/website)


Honorary Amount Up to-$149




Any member wishing to nominate a rule to be changed must submit it in writing 30 days prior to the annual November meeting. It must be signed & dated. You must be a current member for this nomination to be discussed. 



*You must be a current member & 16 years and older to vote. 

*Officers and Directors elections will be held first. 

*Membership will vote on any submitted rule changes. The club will also discuss banquet, awards & any fundraiser ideas. 

Breakdown of Funds at the Year End 

The breakdown of approval fees and mandatory sponsors are as follows: 

50 % 4-D 

5 % Adult 

15 % Youth 

5 % Masters 

5% Jr. Horse 

5% Pee Wee 

5 % Poles 

10 % awards banquet and startup cost for the following year


Year End Awards and Banquet 

We will have an awards Banquet in February of the following year. If you are not able to attend, you must send a representative to the banquet to pick up your

awards. If the awards are left there at the end of the night, they become property of the club to be used in a silent auction the next show season.


Saddles will be awarded to all division champions in the Open 4D class and Poles 1D.  The club will supply up to $1500 towards the saddles for the 4D and poles 1D champions.  Reserve Champions in 4D and Poles 1D will receive a buckle in all divisions.  Champions and the top 5 in all other classes will be dependent on money raised during the year to cover awards and will be discussed by the board of directors and officers.  If enough money is raised during the year to cover the cost of all the other 7 champion saddles (Masters, Adult, 3D Youth, Pee Wee, and Jr. Horse) it will be discussed at a board of directors meeting.


*Money for the 4D class will be divided equally between 20 places not per division.

*A member can only receive one set of awards per class, in a division of their choice if falling in multiple divisions. 


Fundraiser Shows 

All members are to help make the fundraiser shows a success by helping set barrels, provide food booth items, etc, for everything it takes to put on a show. Participating members will receive double points for helping at fundraiser shows.  For members to receive double points at the fundraiser shows they must volunteer (on the day of the show) to either set barrels/poles/announce/take times/ work in food booth, and then do one of the following:

  1.  Make a food donation

  2. Make a monetary donation of $10

  3. Donate a Basket/Chinese auction item


Show Approval/Sanction Fees 

Penn Ohio is a sanctioned club. For each show that Penn Ohio approves a $75.00 fee will be received for each day from the show committee.

*Penn Ohio can only approve one show per day.  

*No weeknight shows can be approved for points unless they fall on a holiday or  the Friday before a weekend show that is approved.

*Show producers must state which class will be approved for Adult. 

*Points sheets should be submitted within 15 days of approved show.

*Show producers must state payout format on their showbill if payout is NOT Penn Ohio suggested payback (IBRA, NBHA, etc.).  Payback is 70% and progressive.  Show approval dates should be submitted by March 31st of calendar year to ensure availability of approval. 

Sanction Fee must be submitted no later than 30 days of sanctioned show.  Must be paid via PayPal or a check mailed directly to the club treasurer, or a $25 late fee per month will be accessed. Not receiving sanction fees past the 30 days gives the board the option to remove future scheduled shows sanctions with that producer until sanction fees are paid.

Penn Ohio will not sanction any barrel racing event where the committees prevent a member of Penn Ohio Barrel Racing Association from entering or participating in that event. This rule is not intending to interfere in any respect with the rights of a show committee from ejecting a member of Penn Ohio from the lands owned or lawfully possessed by the show committee, once the member is upon the show committee land for any lawful reason. 


Penn Ohio follows standard AQHA show rules. One Horse, one rider, per class. The only exception is the Pee Wee class where more than one child can ride the same pony. The children must be from the same family membership & live in the same household. This rule does not apply to the Youth, Adult, Masters, or any other approved class.



In the event of a timer malfunction, the rider has the option to either re-run the class or be reimbursed their entry fee, and all other associated fees if that horse/rider combination is entered in only one class. If the horse/rider is in more than one class and continues to compete in the show in other classes, then a reimbursement or re-run will be given for just that class that the timer malfunctioned.



All classes are eligible for the top 5 year end awards.  In any class where a barrel or pole is knocked down is considered a “No Time”.

Open Poles – Open to any rider 

Optional 2-D at the show with a 1 or 2 second split 


Adult Barrels – Rider 19 - 39 as of Jan. 1st (Optional Divisional class) 


Jr. Horse Barrels – Any Horse 5 years & under as of January 1, of current year (show season). If your horse is turning 6 years old of the current show season, they can’t be shown in the Junior Horse class. **Proof of Age must be submitted before the participants first show. Prior to the horse and rider earning their points, no exceptions. Papers need to be double checked and cleared by two officers (president and vice president, for example). Copy of registration papers, vet record or dental record is acceptable. **

Horse and Rider Combination 


Masters Barrels – Rider 40 & over as of Jan. 1st  (Optional Divisional class) 


Youth 3-D Barrels  – Rider 18 & under as of Jan. 1st  (Top 5 in all divisions)

2nd division will be 1 second off the winning time 

3rd division will be 2 seconds off the winning time 


Open 4-D Barrels – Open to any rider  (Top 5 in all divisions)

2nd division will be ½ second off the winning time 

3rd division will be 1 second off the winning time 

4th division will be 2 seconds off the winning time


Pee Wee Barrels – Rider 10 & under as of Jan. 1st 

*For the Pee Wee class only, more than one child can ride the same pony/horse. The children must be from the same family membership. All children will be eligible for year-end awards. 

*Rider must be 10 & under as of Jan. 1 st 

*May ride pony or horse to receive points. 

*Rider must do the pattern by them self to receive points. 

Point System 

Points will be accumulated throughout the season on the rider for all classes except the Jr. Horse, which the points are accumulated on a horse/rider combination. 

  • Our original point system will stay the same. 

  • The points will drop down and pick up only the Penn Ohio members and skip the non-members down to thirty (30) places. 

  • If you are riding more than one horse, you will only receive points on your highest placing horse per division.

  • You will receive all day money won. 

  • You have 60 days from the show date to file a grievance with the point secretary about the results & standings.

  • Riders must put their best effort forward to run the pattern as fast as they can or to the best of their ability. 

*Tie breakers for day results will be split accordingly where tie needs to be broken:

-If tie is for last place points: both shall receive same amount and not split.








Tie-Breaker Year End

If there is a tie for the year end awards, the tie will be broken by who had the highest places in the division in which they tied. 


Bad Checks Written to the Club

BAD CHECKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: There will be an automatic $35.00 fee for each time a check is returned.

  • The party that wrote the bad check will be notified and must make the check good along with the $35.00 returned check fee as soon as possible.

  • The contestant/member/members bouncing the check will be placed on suspension and will not receive points for the show for which the check was written as well as any shows they may attend while they are on suspension.

  • If restitution is not made within 15 days of the date of the check, the member/members will lose ALL points and be placed on a public suspended list until payment is made.

  • Lost points will not be reinstated.

  • Any non-member who presents a returned check will be restricted from participating until the check and fine is made good.

  • Anyone who writes a bad check to our club will be on a cash only basis for the remainder of the show season. 

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